When it Feels Like You Can’t Give Another Ounce of Yourself—You Are Enough


To the Sweet Momma,

I know you’re discouraged and feeling defeated. You feel like you don’t measure up and that you never will.

Time and time again, you feel like you screw up, and you wish you could just do something right. Doubt creeps into your mind, and your insecurities rise as you look around at everyone else’s perfection.

Sweet friend, you are not a failure.

I know you yelled at the kids today.

I know you feel like you’re drowning in everything that needs to be done.

I know you look at everyone else’s seemingly perfect house and wonder if yours will ever look that way.

I know you wonder if you will ever feel like you have everything together.

I know you feel defeated.

I know you’re tired.

And it feels like you don’t know how to take another step, but you’re not a failure.

I know your emotions are all over the place right now, and you don’t know how to get a handle on them. Take a breath, mama. It’s all going to be OK.

I know there are so many things you want to do, but the demands of motherhood continue to call out to you. You feel like a terrible mom for wanting to be more than a mom. It’s OK. That doesn’t make you a bad mom.

It feels like every choice you make is the wrong one, but it’s not.

This moment is not forever. I know it feels like it’s always going to be this way, but it won’t.

I know you’re exhausted, and you’re looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. Everything around you feels dark and heavy.

It feels oppressive, but this moment is temporary. This struggle you’re facing right now at this moment will not last.

Don’t give up, mama.

I know the days are long and hard. They feel endless, like you’re stuck in a hamster wheel.

But you’re doing an awesome job. I pray you take it to heart and see the tremendous impact you’re having on those little ones in your care.

When it feels like you can’t give one more ounce, your presence is enough.

When it feels like you don’t know what to say, your presence is enough.

When you don’t have the strength to carry the weight, your presence is enough.

When nothing makes sense, and you don’t know how to clear the fog, your presence is enough.

When the world tells you that you’re not enough, it lies.

Your presence is more than enough.

You matter. You make a difference.


  1. Cindy Cox says:

    You are a beautiful soul. You are a great mother and Kennedy couldn’t be luckier. She will never doubt your love for here. Keep being you…

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